(stand: March 2001)

11.23.00 / 47.16.00; labcode: A-IHMR
persname: Institute of High Mountain Research, University of Innsbruck
Institute of High Mountain Research
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
A-6020 Innsbruck
coworker: Kurt Nicolussi, Peter Schießling, former co-workers: Gerhard Lumassegger
tel: +43 512 507 5673
fax: +43 512 507 2806
dataformat: TSAP (Heidelberg), internal formats
focus: Dating of architectural and archaeological objects, glacier history, chronology development, alpine timberline, dendroclimatology
methods: Tree-ring measurements (total ring, earlywood, latewood; 0.005 and 0.001 mm)
Nicolussi K. (1995): Jahrringe und Massenbilanz. Dendroklimatologische Rekonstruktion der Massenbilanzreihe des Hintereisferners bis zum Jahr 1400 mittels Pinus cembra-Reihen aus den Ötztaler Alpen, Tirol. - Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie 30(1994): 11-52.
Nicolussi K., Bortenschlager S. & Körner C. (1995): A possibly CO2-related increase in tree-ring width in subalpine Pinus cembra of the central alps. - Trees 9: 181-189.
Nicolussi K. (1995): Dendrochronologische Untersuchungen zur mittelalterlichen Baugeschichte von Schloß Tirol. - Tiroler Heimat 59: 19-43.
Nicolussi K. (1998): Die Bauhölzer der Via Claudia Augusta bei Lermoos (Tirol). - In: Walde E. (ed.): Neue Forschungen zur Via Claudia Augusta, Innsbruck, 113-145.
Nicolussi K. & Patzelt G. (2000): Discovery of Early Holocene wood and peat on the forefield of the Pasterze Glacier, eastern Alps, Austria. - The Holocene 10/2.

58.20.00 26.44.00; ES-TAR [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code ES-TAR
Lab/personal name: Institute of Botany and Ecology, Tartu University
Lab/personal address: Lai Str. 40, Tartu EE2400, Estonia
Names of co-workers: Alar Lennnelaid,
Phone: 27-431 370
Fax: 3727-441 272
Data Formats:
Research focus: Archaeological and historical research:
1. dating
2. chronology development
Other research:
1. relationship climate-tree growth (living trees)
Methods used: Measuring: scale of a binocular (5/100 mm)
Dating: visual, correlation
Quality control: visual
Detrending programs: Statistica for Windows
Detrending methods: ARIMA
Chronology development: averaging


Lennelaid, A. I. 1976. Izuchenije dinamiki prirosta sosen dendroindikacionnym metodom. - Tr. Pechoro-Ilychskogo gos. zapovednika, vyp. 13. Syktyvkar, s. 66-77. /In Russian: a study of dynamics of increment of pines using dendroindication/
Lennelaid, A. 1982. Luubiga rehielamut uurimas. - Eesti Loodus, 2, lk. 86-93. /In Estonian: A dwelling-barn studied with a magnifying glass/
Lennelaid, A. 1982. Radial increment of bog pines and climatic changes. - In: Peatland Ecosystems. Researches into the plant cover of Estonian bogs and their productivity. Estonian Contributions to the International Biological Programme, No. 9. Tallinn, p. 135-147.
Lennelaid, A. 1988. Vlijanije vybora sposoba normirovanija dendrokhronologicheskikh rjadov na ikh korreljaciju. Predvaritelnoje soobshchenije. - In: Struktura, sostav i dinamika borealnykh rastitelnykh soobshchestv. Acta et Comm. Univ. Tartuensis, Fasc. 812. Botanica. Tartu, p. 142-157. /In Russian; summary: A study of the effects of different transformations of the dendrochronological series on their correlation/
Lennelaid, A. 1994. A dendrochronological study of decline of pine stands in South Estonia. - Proc. Estonian Acad. Sci. Biol., 43, 2, p. 89-97.
Lennelaid, A. 1995. Sapwood width in larch trunk. In: Aaviksoo, K. (ed.), Consortium Masingii. A Festschrift for Viktor Masing. Tartu, p. 116-124.
Lennelaid, A., Tiirmaa, U. 1995. N§o kiriku taastamisaeg teada. - Kleio. Ajaloo ajakiri, 4 (14), lk. 13-16. /In Estonian; summary: Reconstruction time of Noo Church known/.

42.45.00 23.20.00; BG-FRID [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code BG-FRID
Lab/personal Bulgaria (BG) Forest Research Institute
Dendrochronology Lab (FRID)
Lab/personal Forest Research Institute
132, St.Kl.Ohridski Blvd.
1756 Sofia
Names of co-workers Grozev Ognyan; Delkov Alexander;Georgiev Nencho
Phone +359 2 622 961
Fax +359 2 622 965
Data Forma Table-form (in mm and index)
Research focus Relationship climate-tree ring growth (living trees)
Methods used Measuring: ADDO-X (1/100 mm) with microscope MBC-9
Dating: visual
Quality control: visual
Detrending programs: programs by BG-FRID
Detrending methods: splines
Response Function Analysis: (H.Fritts, Lab. of Tree-Ring Research, Tucson (US) (programs by BG-FRID)


Grozev, O. et all.
, 1990. Dendrochronological studies on forests of pinus sylvestris L. in V.Serafimov ecological station
Grozev, O., 1992. Dendrochronological assesment for the status of scotch pine stands in the region of the western Rhodopes.
Grozev, O., A.Delkov, 1994. Dendrochronological analyisis in stands of Pinus peuce Gris. in Ikriste area, Pirin mountain.
Grozev, O., A.Delkov, 1995. Dendrochronological estimation of the condition of the scots pine ecosystems in the biosphere reserve "Dupkata", Western Rhodopes.

69.42.00 19.00.00; N-TROM [Laboratory]
1. Dept. of Ecological Botany
2. Institute of Biology and Geology
University of Tromsoe ('oe' means 'o-slash')
N - 9037 Tromsoe
3. Andreas Joachim Kirchhefer, Dr. Karl-Dag Vorren
4. +47 77 64 40 00, direct line: +47 77 64 62 31
5. +47 77 64 56 00
6. E-mail
7. ITRDB, kinsys
8. dendro-climatology on Pinus sylvestris:
1. chronology-building: mainly livings trees
2. dating of dead superficial wood
3. calibration growth-climate
4. climate-reconstruction back to AD 1500
5. regional aspect: gradient of continentality(inferences on atmospheric circulation,ocean temperature, and humidity), ecological aspect: slope exposure, water regime other interests:
1. single-year analysis
2. latewood width
2. other local tree species, mainly Betula pubescens
3. tree-line fluctuations
future plans:
1. dating: historical timber, subfossil wood
2. reconstruction of Holocene coastal climate
3. population structure at tree line
4. cambial activity, cell structure (dendro-climatology)
5. wood anatomy (identification)
9. measuring: Acu-Rite, QC-1000, PJK/medir (0.001mm);
dating and quality control: DPL, kinsys, visual;
standardizing: splines for dating (50%/32yr),
age-trend related functions for dendro-climatology;
climate-response and reconstruction: RESPO, PRECON;


Kirchhefer A.J. & Vorren K.-D.
1995 Aarringer paa furu, Pinus sylvestris L., som kilde for klimainformasjon i Vesteraalen, Nord-Norge (Tree rings of Scots pine, a source of climate information in Vesteraalen, northern Norway). Engl. abstract. AmS-Varia 24: 79-85;
Thun, T. & Vorren, K.-D. 1992 Traernes aarringer - klimaets "fingeravtrykk" (Engl. abstract). Polarflokken 16: 163-182;

(contract 'ae' to the scandinavic letter)
('aa' stands for 'a with a circle on top')

52.31.00 13.24.00; D-DAI [Laboratory]
Lab code: D-DAI
Pers.Code: GeHeu
Pers. name: Karl-Uwe Heußner
Lab.adress: Deutsches Archaologisches Institut
Im Dol 2-6
PSF 330014
D-14195 Berlin
Phone: (030) 83 008-125 (Sekretariat) (030)20377 278/271 (Labor)
Fax: (030) 83 008 168; (033439) 80588
Data Format: TSAP (Heidelberg) und Hausformat
Konvertierung von/zu Catras,Tuscon und anderen ist moeglich
Research focus: Dating of archaeological and historical materials
Dating of non-oak species
Methodes used: Measuring: TSAP und eigene Systeme, (1/100mm)
Dating: TSAP, eigene Programme, COFECHA (r,t,sign-test,
Quality control: COFECHA, visual
Dentrending programs: TSAPX, ITRDB program libary

42.25.00 12.06.00; IT-VIT [Laboratory]
LAB NAME. Laboratory of Dendrochronology
LAB ADDRESS Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Ambiente Forestale e delle sue Risorse,
FacoltO di Agraria, Via San Camillo de Lellis, 01100 VITERBO

NAME OF COWORKERS. Elio Corona (EC) , Angela Lo Monaco (AL) , Manuela
Romagnoli (MR), Mauro Bernabei (MB)
PHONE 761/357385/357411/357401
fax 761/357389
DATA FORMAT Catras, Tucson, Vformat.
RESEARCH FOCUS Forestry science
1) dating
2) chronology development
3) dendroclimatology - dendroecology.
4) xilology - wood techonology - wood biology
5) forest dynamic
METHOD USED Measuring: CATRAS 1/100 mm.


Bebber A., Corona E., 1986. Nota dendrocronologica su una trave di tasso (Taxus baccata L.). Dendrochronologia, 4:115-124.
Corona E., 1973. Indagini sui tronchi sommersi del lago delle Rovine nel bacino del Gesso (Cuneo). L'It. For. e Mont., 1:1-7.
Corona E., 1977. Indagini dendrocronologiche sui legni di alcune Ville venete. In: Kubelik M., Die Villa in Veneto. Monaco, 1:241-243.
Corona E., 1981. Una curva dendrocronologica per l'abete rosso cisalpino (1530-1700). Studi Trentini Sci. Nat., LVIII:153-168.
Corona E., 1984. Una curva trisecolare per Larice del Dryas antico. Dendrochronologia, 2: 83-90.
Corona E., Angelaccio C., Codipietro G., Lo Monaco A., Romagnoli M., 1993. Studio sulle caratteristiche dendrocronologiche dell'abete rosso cosiddetto di risonanza di Paneveggio. Convenzione PAT-DISAFRI..
Corona E., Codipietro G., Lo Monaco A., Romagnoli M. 1995. Aspetti dendrocronologici. in "La Foresta fossile di Dunarobba (Tr, Umbria): contesto litostratigrafico, sedimentologico, palinologico, malacofaunistico e dendrocronologico. to be published on Aiqua.
Romagnoli M., Schirone B. 1992 Indagini dendrocronologiche preliminari sull'abete bianco del bosco Abeti Soprani (Pescopennataro - IS). Ann. Acc. It. Sci. For., 41:3-29.
Romagnoli M., Lo Monaco A., 1995. Osservazioni dendrocronologiche su campioni prelevati a Jumla Forest (Himalaia, Nepal). To be published on Ann. Acc. It. Sci For.
Romagnoli M., Codipietro G., 1996. Pointer years and growth in Turkey oak (Quercus cerris L.) in Latium (Central Italy). to be published on Ann. Sci. For., 53.

54.40.00 25.19.00; LT-KEL [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code LT-KEL
Lab/personal name Krastovaizdzio ekologijos laboratorija = Laboratory of Landscape Research
Lab/personal address Botanikos institutas
Zaliuju ezeru 49
LT-2021 Vilnius
Names of co-workers Rimvydas K. Kriukelis, Romas Pakalnis
Phone 370-2-736 909
Fax 370-2-729 950
Data Format(s) ITRDB
Research focus Dendroecology:
1. Chronology development.
2. Stem and root radial growth.
3. Expression of the environmental factors.
4. Tree-ring growth fluctuations.
Methods used Measuring: "Carl Zeiss" binocular microscope.
Dating: visual, COFECHA.
Quality control: visual, COFECHA.
Detrending program: ARSTAN.
Detrending methods: negative exponential, linear regression.
Chronology development: ARSTAN.
Fluctuation analysis: progam FORMANT (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius).


Kriukelis, R. K.
, 1995. Analysis of Pinus sylvestris L. stem and root radial growth fluctuations at the lakeside stands: Synopsis of doctoral thesis. Vilnius: Institute of Botany. 32 p.

50.38.00 5.35.00; B-ULG [Laboratory]
LAB/ PERSONNAL NAME: Laboratoire de dendrochronologie
LAB/PERSONNAL ADDRESS: Universite de Liege
Place du XX-Aout, 7
B-4000 Liege
PHONE: (32) 41/66/54/74
FAX: (32) 41/66/57/00
RESEARCH FOCUS: Archaeological and historical research:
1. Dating
2. Chronology development
3. Study of timber-framed roofs (typology, construction and
4. Studies of origin of timber (trade)
METHODS USED: Measuring: "Mesure" system (F. Tilkin, Liege) (1/100 mm)
Dating: "Calculer" system (G. Lambert, Besanson)
Drawing: "Quercus" system (J.-C. Bliss, NeuchOtel)


, 1983. L'apport de la dendrochronologie dans l'etude de trois constructions medievales et post-medievales de la region liegeoise (Belgique). In: Archeologie medievale, 13, p. 117-129.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1984a. Les structures de bois et leur analyse dendrochronologique. In: OTTE M., dir., 1984. Les fouilles de la place Saint-Lambert a Liege,1, Liege, (Etudes et recherches archeologiques de l'Universite de Liege, 18), p. 267-273.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1984b. Rapport d'analyses dendrochronologiques, casernes Leopold a Namur. In: Activites 81 a 83 du SOS Fouilles, 3, p.156.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1985a. Du couvent du Val des Ecoliers a la caserne Fonck. In: Bulletin de l'Institut archeologique liegeois, 97, p. 40-76.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1985b. De Polleur a la GeronstRre, vers la constitution d'une courbe dendrochronologique locale. In: Histoire et archeologie spadoises, septembre, p. 115-120.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1986a. Analyse dendrochronologique du puits VI d'Asper. In: VERMEULEN F., 1986. The Roman Settlement and Cemetery at Asper (Gavere, East Flanders), Gand, (Scholae Archaeologicae, 5), p. 142-144.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1986b. L'analyse dendrochronologique de la charpente de la chapelle d'Hastimoulin. In: ANTOINE J.-L., 1986. La chapelle Notre-Dame d'Hastimoulin. In: Annales de la societe archeologique de Namur, p.311-313.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1986c. La charpente de la maison Curtius et son analyse dendrochronologique. In: Bulletin de l'Institut archeologique liegeois, 98, 1986, p. 291-303.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1986d. Analyse dendrochronologique de la section d'un tuyau en bois decouvert Place de l'Hotel de ville a Chatelet. In: Activites 84 a 85 du SOS Fouilles, 4, p.103.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1987. Rapport d'analyse dendrochronologique. In: VILVORDER F., dir., 1987, Les fouilles de la place de l'Eveche a Tournai. In: Documents d'archeologie regionale, 2, p.82.
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HOFFSUMMER P., 1989a. De kapconstructies van de St.-Servatiuskapel te Rommersom en het dendrochronologisch onderzoek. In: De calvaire van Rommerson (Hoegaarden), Hoegaarden, Gemeentekrediet van Belgie, Koning Boudewijnstichting en Nationale Loterij, p. 73-77.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1989b. L'evolution des toits a deux versants dans le bassin mosan: l'apport de la dendrochronologie (XIe-XIXe siRcle), 3 vol., these de doctorat inedite, Universite de Liege.
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HOFFSUMMER P., 1994. La dendrochronologie et l'histoire des forets anciennes. In: Les sources de l'histoire forestiere de la Belgique, actes du colloque tenu a Bruxelles en octobre 1992, Archives et bibliotheques de Belgique, numero special 45.
HOFFSUMMER P., 1995a. L'evolution des charpentes de toitures en Belgique et dans le Nord de la France, apports recents de la dendrochronologie. In: Le bois dans l'architecture, coll. Les entretiens du patrimoine, Ministere de la Culture, Paris.
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HOUBRECHTS, D., 1996, Analyse dendrochronologique de deux fosses d'aisances decouvertes au Grognon (Namur). In: Actes de la quatrieme journee d'archeologie namuroise, Namur, 24/2/1996, p. 105.
HOUBRECHTS, D., ZAMBON J.-M., 1994, Ath/Meslin-l'Evrque: analyse dendrochronologique d'echantillons provenant de la fouille d'une villa romaine. In: Chronique de l'archeologie wallonne, 2, p. 43.

45.10.00 9.10.00; IT-UPV [Laboratory]
Lab code IT-UPV
Lab name University of Pavia, Istituto di Botanica
Lab address Via S. Epifanio 14, 27100 PAVIA, ITALY
Name of Co-workers Paola Nola, Francesco Sartori, Renzo Motta
Phone 0039 382 504311/504312
Fax 0039 382 34240
Data format Catras, Tucson
Research focus dendroecology, chronology building, dendroclimatology
Method used Catras, ITRDB program library, PPPHALOS and PPPBase program library

Bibliography :

Nola P.
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Nola P. - 1996 - Le serie dendrocronologiche e la ricostruzione del clima del passato. Dendronatura 1(1996): in stampa
Motta R., Nola P. - 1996 - Fraying damages in the subalpin forest of Paneveggio (Trento, Italy): a dendroecological approach. Forest Ecology and Management. in stampa
Nola P., - 1996 - Analisi dendroecologica della farnia (Quercus robur L.): aspetti metodologici ed applicazioni in ambiente planiziale. Arch Geobot. in stampa

53.01.00 18.35.00; PL-TUD [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code: PL-TUD
Personal name: Dr. Andrzej Zielski
1. Full name of laboratory = Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika, Instytut Biologii i Ochrony Srodowiska, Zaklad Taksonomii i Geografii Roslin.
2. Full address: ul. Gagarina 9, PL 87-100 Torun, Poland
4. Phone number [056] 14 453, 14 519,
5. Fax number = 0048 56 14478
6. E-mail address = AZIELSKI@VM.CC.TORUN.EDU.PL
7. Data formats ITRDB, CATRAS
8. Research interests - dating, scots pine chronology development dendroecology (living trees).
9. Method used - Measuring: EPD 2.2 system (1/100 mm)
Dating:CATRAS, visual, COFECHA
Quality control: COFECHA, visual,(r, t, Gl)
Detrending programs: ARSTAN,CRONOL (ITRDB program library
& DPL (R. Holmes, Lab. of Tree-Ring Research, Tucson US
Chronology development:CATRAS, ARSTAN (ITRDB)
Response Function Analysis (DPL)

10. Bibliography:

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45.10.00 5.43.00; F-CBA [Laboratory]
Lab/Personal code: F-CBA
Lab/personal name: Centre de Biologie Alpine (France)
Lab/Personal adress: Universite Joseph Fourier
Centre de Biologie Alpine
BP 53-X
38041 GRENOBLE (France)
Names of co-workers: Christian ROLLAND, Jeanne SCHUELLER, Johann COOPER, Gerard CADEL,
Phone: 76 51 46 00 (France)
Data format(s): Format ASCII type z .DEN _ or TUCSON files, Excel (.XLS) or Works (.WKS).
Research focus:
1- Dendroclimatology with ring-widths: Analysis of tree-ring and climate relationships.
2 - Radiodensitometry.
3 - Analysis of tree growth in various site conditions (Radial growth reconstructions).
4 - Study of the ecology of several coniferous species at high elevations (Pinus uncinata, Pinus cembra, Larix decidua, Picea abies, Abies alba) in the French Alps and in the Pyrenees.
5 - Analysis of alluvial vegetation dynamics with deciduous species:
Quercus pubescens, Robinia pseudoaccacia, Salix alba, Fraxinus excelsior, Populus alba, Populus nigra, Betula, Tilia ,Ulmus, Acer camperstris, Alnus incana and Alnus glutinosa.
6 - Long term changes in climate.
Method used: Measuring: Ring-widths (0.01 mm) and wood density.
Material: Binocular microscope (x 6 to x 50), video system and PC computer.
Dating: Visual dating and R, T ,Gleichlaufigkeit methods.
Detrending: Age effect calculation, filtering with moving averages, FFT, low and high frequency components.
Chronology calculation: C.ROLLAND programs (z DendroWin _) on PC computer with Windows.
Response functions analysis: Correlation functions with 21 monthly climatical data (Precipitation, Air temperature (min, max, average), Solar radiation, Hydrical balance.


ROLLAND Christian
(1993). Fonctionnement hydrique et croissance du Sapin (Abies alba Mill.) dans les Alpes fransaises. Dynamique des flux de seve, ecophysiologie et dendroecologie. These de Doctorat, Juin 1993, Grenoble, 180 p.
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ROLLAND Christian, SCHUELLER Jeanne, COOPER Johann (1995). Croissance comparee du Pin a crochets et de l'Epicea (Pinus uncinata Ram. et Picea abies Karst.) sur dalle calcaire karstifiee en moyenne montagne temperee (Vercors, France). Revue de Geographie Alpine, 83, 1, 17-32.
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ROLLAND Christian (1996). Modifications a long terme de la croissance du Pin a crochets. Long term changes in Mountain Pine growth in the French Alps as influenced by climate . Conference of the European Dendrochronology Workshop, 2-5 May 1996, Lausanne.
ROLLAND Christian (1996). Long term changes in the radial growth of the mountain pine (Pinus uncinata) in the French Alps as influenced by climate. Dendrochrnologia (submited).

A-INN [Laboratory]
labcode: A-INN
perscode: WO
persname: Walter Oberhuber
address: University of Innsbruck
Institute of Botany
Sternwartestrasse 15
A-6020 Innsbruck
coworker: Werner Kofler, Klaus Pfeifer
tel: +43 512 507 5948
fax: +43 512 507 2715
dataformat: TSAP (Heidelberg), CATRAS, ITRDB
focus: Analysis of forest ecosystems in mountain environments at temperature (alpine timber line) and precipitation limited sites
methods: Measuring: TSAP
Dating and Quality control: COFECHA
Detrending: ARSTAN
bibliography: Oberhuber W., K. Pagitz und K. Nicolussi. Subalpine tree growth on serpentine soil: a dendroecological analysis. Plant Ecology (1997) 130: 213-221.
Oberhuber W., M. Stumböck und W. Kofler. Climate-tree-growth relationships of Scots pine stands (Pinus sylvestris L.) exposed to soil dryness. Trees - Structure and Function (1998) 13:19-27.
Oberhuber W., G. Thomaser, S. Mayr und H. Bauer. Radial growth of Norway Spruce (Picea abies) infected by Chrysomyxa rhododendri. In: D. Grill, W.M. Havranek, S. Huttunen & H. Guttenberger (eds). Tree Growth at High Altitude and High Latitude. Phyton (1999) 39(4): 147-154.
Oberhuber W. und W. Kofler. Topographic influences on radial growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) at small spatial scales. Plant Ecology (2000) 146(2):229-238.

51.00.00 -0.02.00; GB-MCB [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code MCB
Lab/personal name: Dr. Martin Bridge
Lab/personal address:
Institute of Archaeology
University College London
31-34 Gordon Square
London WC1H 0PY
United Kingdom

Names of co-workers Martin Bridge
Phone: +44-20-7679-1540
Fax: /
Data Format(s) .D files (software by I Tyers)
Research focus: standing buildings, living oak trees
Methods used


53.23.00 -1.26.00; GB-SDL [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code GB-SDL
Lab/personal name Sheffield Dendrochronology Laboratory
Lab/personal address University of Sheffield
Archaeology Research School
West Court
2 Mappin Street
Sheffield S1 4DT
Names of co-workers (* former co-workers) Cathy Groves(CG), Jennifer Hillam(JH), Ian Tyers(IT),
G Boswijk(GB), Nigel Nayling(NN), Helen Hibberd(HH)*, Anne Crone(AC)*; Coralie Mills(CM)*,
Janet Neve(JN)*; Ruth Morgan(RM)*
Phone +44 114 276 3146/+44 114 222 5107
Fax +44 114 276 3146
Data Format(s) .D files (software by I Tyers)
Research focus
1. Dendrochronology of beech.
2. Development of prehistoric chronologies for England & Wales.
3. Dendrochronology of imported conifers.
4. Timber trade in medieval Britain.
5. Improving dendrochronological techniques.
6. A history of woodland exploitation in the London area.
7. The dating of vernacular buildings in Devon.
8. Woodland history of Thorne Moors.
Method used: Measuring: Ring-widths (0.01 mm).
Dating: Visual matching; Baillie & Pilcher t-values.
Software: "Dendro for Windows" by I.Tyers (unpubl, 1997)

Bibliography (selected):

, 1985 Re-dating the English art-historical tree-ring chronologies, Nature 315, 317-319
BOSWIJK, G, forthcoming Palaeoforest reconstruction and the development of raised mire at Thorne Moors in the Humberhead Levels, South yorkshire and Humberside/Lincolnshire, unpubl PhD thesis, Sheffield
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GROVES, C, forthcoming Dendrochronology, in The Roman Forts at Carlisle: Excavations at Annetwell Street 1973-84 (ID Caruana)
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HILLAM, J, forthcoming Guidelines for Dendrochronology, London: English Heritage
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TYERS, I, Hillam, J, and GROVES, C, 1994 Tree and woodland in the Saxon period: the dendrochronological evidence, in Environment and Economy in Anglo-Saxon England (ed J Rackham), CBA Res Rep, 89, 12-22 See also date lists published in Vernacular Architecture. Many projects are written up as Ancient Monuments Laboraroy Reports (AML reps - see list for report nos)

46.40.00 6.48.00; CH-LRD [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code CH-LRD
Lab/personal name Laboratoire Romand de Dendrochronologie (LRD)
Lab/personal address Laboratoire Romand de Dendrochronologie
Rue St.-Michel 4
CH-1510 Moudon
Names of co-workers Jean Pierre Hurni, Eric Monnard, Christian Orcel, Jean Tercier
Phone +41 21 905 17 17
Fax +41 21 905 19 39
Data Format(s) text dos
Research focus archaeological, historical and climate research:
1. dating
2. chronology development
3. bog wood research
4. landslide wood research
5. investigation of non oak species (silver fir, spruce, larch, pine, maple, beech, ash, aspen, willow, juniper, alder, birch, chestnut, hazel, walnut, pomaceous fruit, stone fruit, lime, elm
6. image recording systems for dendroclimatic research on oak
Methods used Measuring: 1/100
Dating: visual
Quality control: visual


47.33.00 7.35.00; CH-DEND [Laboratory]
Laboratory code CH-DEND
Laboratory name DENDRON Jahrringanalysen und Holzalterbestimmungen
Laboratory address DENDRON
Raymond Kontic
M÷rsbergerstrasse 52
CH-4057 Basel
Names of co-workers Raymond Kontic
Phone 41 61 692 46 75
Fax 41 61 691 10 40
E-Mail -
Research focus Ecological research (1981 - 1992):
1. monitoring / history of forest decline
2. relationship tree growth - crown assessment / forestry / immissions / climate etc.
3. gap dynamics (stand development)
Archeological and historical research (since 1986):
1. dating
2. chronology development
Methods used Measuring (1/100mm), dating, quality control, chronology development, analysis of events (pointer years/pointer intervals), graphics, statistics (average, standard dev., sensitivity, autocorrelation, crossdating etc.): visual and dendron program (DENDRON VERSION 2.0 (DOS))
Response function analysis and detrending (programs by WSL, Birmensdorf)


Kontic, R., et al.
1986: Jahrringanalysen an Nadelbäumen zur Darstellung und interpretation von Waldschäden (Wallis, Schweiz). Eidg. Anst. forstl. Versuchswes., Ber. 283: 46 S.
Kontic, R., et al. 1990: Jahrringanalytische Untersuchungen im Sihlwald. Schweiz. Z. Forstwes., 141 (1990) 1: 55-76

63.36.00 10.23.00; N-TRO [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code N-TRO
Lab/personal name Dendrokronologisk lab.
Lab/personal address Department of Botany
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
N-7055 Dragvoll, Norway
Names of co-workers Terje Thun, Stein Johansen
Phone 47 73596085
Fax 47 73596100
Data Format(s) CATRAS, ITRDB
Research focus Dating of archaeological remains and historic buildings:
1. Dating
2. Chronology development
3. Dendroclimatology
4. Studies of driftwood origin
Methods used Increment cores and disks
Measuring: Parker ADDO-X
Dating: CATRAS, visual, COFECHA
Quality control: COFECHA, visual
Detrending programs: CHRONOL, ARSTAN
Chronology development: CATRAS, CRONOL
Response function analysis: Precon


61.52.00 28.51.00; FIN-SAV [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code FIN-SAV
Lab/personal name Saima Centre for Environmental Science
Lab/personal address Linnank.11
FIN-57130 Savonlinna, Finland
Names of co-workers Markus Lindholm, Jouko MerilNinen, Esko Jnvelninen
Phone +358 57 5759856
Fax +358 57 5759852
Research focus 1. Relationship climate- tree growth
2. Chronology development
3. Dating
4. Dendroecology
Indexing: negative exponential and regression line detrending, 67% n splines, combinations of the above.


49.45.00 6.38.00; D-RLMT [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code D-RLMT
Lab/personal name Labor fRr Dendroarchnologie des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Trier
Lab/personal address Weimarer Allee 1
D-54290 Trier, Germany
Names of co-workers Mechthild Neyses
Phone 0651 9774115
Fax 0651 9774222
Data Format(s) TRW: ASCII-format
Research focus Archaeological and historical research
1. dating
2. chronology development
3. reconstruction of past management strategies
4. studies for origin of timber (trade)
5. investigations of FAGUS and ABIES
Methods used Measuring: TSAP
Dating: LIGNUM


Publikationsliste/Mechthild Neyses (for list of publications by the late Ernst Hollstein, see "Bibliographie Ernst Hollstein" by JRrgen Merten in Trierer Zeitschrift 51, 1988, 15-21)

1. Katalogbeitrage. Trier - Augustusstadt der Treverer (Mainz 1984) Kat.Nr. 27; 42; 43 (zusammen mit Ernst Hollstein).
2. Katalogbeitrag. Trier - Kaiserresidenz und Bischofssitz (Mainz 1984) Kat.Nr. 68.
3. Trier - Dendrochronologische Forschungen am Rheinischen Landesmuseum Trier. Lebendiges Rheinland-Pfalz 21, 1984, 55-60.
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14. Dendrochronologische Untersuchungen an Holzern lothringischer Bootsfunde. Archaeologia Mosellana 1, 1989, 227-236.
15. Jahrringchronologische Untersuchungen an mittelalterichen Holzfunden aus Speyer. In: Unter dem Pflaster von Speyer (Speyer 1989) 103-110.
16. Dendrochronologische Untersuchungen an Holzskulpturen des Schnutgen-Museums. In: U.Bergmann, Schnutgen-Museum. Die Holzskulpturen des Mittelalters (1000 - 1400) (K÷ln 1989) 107-112.
17. Dendrochronologische Untersuchungen. In: O.Faye u.a., Des Fortifications de la Tene a Metz (Moselle). Trierer Zeitschrift 53, 1990, 89-105.
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19. Kritische Anmerkungen zu Dendrodaten der Eisenzeit im Hunsruck-Nahe-und Mittelrheingebiet. In: Studien zur Eisenzeit im Hunsruck-Naheraum. Hrsg. v. A. Haffner/A. Miron. Trierer Zeitschrift, Beiheft 13 (Trier 1991) 295-308.
20. Bericht zur dendrochronologischen Untersuchung der Brunnenholzer. In: M.Georges-Leroy, Un cuvelage en bois du debut du Iie siecle apres JC decouvert a Metz, rue Taison (Moselle). Trierer Zeitschrift 54, 1991, 113-115.
21. Ein dendrochronologisches Datum zu Clemency. In: J.Metzler u.a., Clemency et les tombes de l'aristocratie en Gaule Belgique. Dossiers d'archeologie du Musee National d'Histoire et d'Art (Luxembourg 1991) 111.
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23. Jahresberichte in Trierer Zeitschrift 56, 1993.
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26. Dendrochronologische Untersuchungen an Holzfunden vom Auerberg. In: G. Ulbert, Der Auerberg I. Munchner Beitrnge zur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte 45 (Munchen 1994) 189-196.
27. Jahresberichte in Trierer Zeitschrift 57, 1994.
28. 25 Jahre dendrochronologische Forschungen am Rheinischen Landesmuseum Trier. Funde und Ausgrabungen im Bezirk Trier 27 = Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch 35, 1995, 24-32.
29. Neue Aspekte zu einer mittelalterlichen Buchenchronologie im Zusammenhang mit Holzfunden aus Abfallgruben in Trier. Trierer Zeitschrift 58, 1995, 303-316.
30. Dendrochronologische Daten zu Bauholzern aus der Stiftskirche St. Arnual in Saarbrucken. In: Festschrift St. Arnual (im Druck)
31. Bericht zur dendrochronologischen Untersuchung am Holzkern des Aachener Karlsschreins. In: Der Aachener Karlsschrein (im Druck).
32. Eine spatlatenezeitliche Befestigung in Metz (Frankreich). Bericht der Staatlichen Denkmalpflege im Saarland, Abt. Bodendenkmalpflege (im Druck).

45.08.00 5.10.00; F-ARC [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code F-ARC
Lab/personal name Archeolabs
Lab/personal address Le Chatelard
38840 Saint-Bonnet de Chavagne
Phone +33 76 64 0097
Fax +33 76 64 0160
Data Format(s) text DOS
Research focus Archaeological and historical research:
1. dating
2. chronology development
3. bog oak research
4. investigation of non-oak species
Methods used Measuring: text DOS (1/100)
Dating: visual
Quality control: visual


45.03.00 7.40.00; IT-UTO [Laboratory]
Lab code IT-UTO
Lab name University of Turin, Department AGROSELVITER
Lab address Via L. Da Vinci 44, 10095 GRUGLIASCO (TO), ITALY
Name of Co-workers Renzo Motta, Mario Pividori, Guido Boetto
Phone 0039 11 4115270
Fax 0039 11 4113487
Data format Catras, Tucson
Research focus dendroecology, wood technology, dating
Method used Catras, ITRDB program library


Motta R.
- Dendroecology in ungulate forest damages: 1.Fraying scars. - In press, Dendrochronologia", 14, 1996.
Motta R., Nola P., 1996 - Fraying damages in the subalpine forest of Paneveggio (Trento, Italy): a dendroecological approach. - In press, Forest Ecology and Management, 1996.
Motta R., 1996 - Metodi e problemi nella determinazione dell'eta di alberi viventi in studi ecologici e di dinamica forestale. - In press Linea Ecologica, n. 1, 1996.
Motta R., Nola P., 1996 - Dendroecological features in Cembran pine (Pinus cembra) in the Western Italian Alps. - Submitted: Dendrochronologia, 1996.

52.15.00 21.00.00; PL-WAR [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code PL-WAR
Lab/personal name Dendrochronological Laboratory
Lab/personal address Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Conservation
ul. Wybrzeze Kosciuszkowskie 37
00-379 Warszawa
Names of co-workers Tomasz Wazny
Phone +482 625 12 51; +482 625 57 35
Fax +482 625 12 51
Data Formats Catras, Tucson, TSAP
Reseach focus I. Archaeological and historical research:
1. dating
2. chronology development (oak and pine)
3. historical timber trade
4. subfossil oak research

II. Other research
1. Climate-growth relationships (living trees)
2. Oak forest decline
3. Over-regional climatical changes
Methods used Measuring: LINTAB+TSAP (0.01 mm)
Dating: CATRAS, TSAP, COFECHA, visual
Quality control: visual, COFECHA
Chronology development: CATRAS, TSAP, ARSTAN
Detrending programs, response function analysis:
DPL (R.Holmes, Tucson)
Analysis of pointer years and pointer intervals


Wazny, T., Eckstein, D.,
1987: Dendrochronologische Datierung der frlawischen Siedlung Wollin. Materialy Zachodniopomorskie 33, 147-164.
Wazny, T., 1990: Aufbau und Anwendung der Dendro-chronologie f

56.53.00 24.08.00; LV-MPI [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code LV-MPI
Lab/personal name Edvins Spalte
Lab/personal adress Silava - Latvian State Institute of Forest Research
111, Rigas Str.
LV-2169, Salaspils
Rigas raj.
Names of co-workers -
Phone +371-2-949916
Data Format(s) Indices
Research focus
1. relationship climate-tree growth;
2. chronology development.
Methods used: A method devised by the author for a mainframe computer using punch-tapes.


Spalte, E.,1978. Dendroskali sosnovih drevostoev Latviskoi SSR //Dendroklimatologiteskie skali Sovetskovo Sojuza I (Master chronologie for pine of growths of Latvia//Dendroclimatochronological Scales of the Soviet Union).

56.55.00 24.06.00; LV-LVI [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code LV-LVI
Lab/personal name Maris Zunde
Lab/personal adress 

Institute of History of Latvia
Akademijas laukums 1
LV-1050; Riga

tel: +371-7216776
fax: +371-7225044

Data Format: ITRDB; Sakore
Research focus: 1. - chronology development; 2. - dating; 3. - a history of the timber trade
Methods: Measuring: MZ-device (0,01 mm);
Dating and quality control: SAKORE V.3,COFECHA, visual;
Detrending and chronology development: SAKORE V.3, ARSTAN.

ZUNDE M. 1998. Dendrochronological and historical dating of the Dannenstern House and an 18th century revetment along the River Daugava. Sena Riga (Old Riga), Riga, 315-332 (in Latvian with summary in English).
ZUNDE M. 1998. Wood export from medieval Riga and possibilities for dendrochronological dating. Dendrochronology and environmental trends, Kaunas, 67-74.
ZUNDE M. 1998-1999. Timber export from Old Riga and its impact on dendrochronological dating in Europe. Dendrochronologia, No.16-17, 119-130.


47.40.00 8.58.00; D-LBW [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code : D-LBW
Lab/personal name : Landesdenkmalamt Baden-Wurttemberg Dendrocrochronologisches Labor Hemmenhofen
Lab/personal address : Landesdenkamalamt Baden-Wurttemberg
Fischersteig 9
D-78343. Gaienhofen Hemmenhofen
Phone : +49 7735 1644
Fax : +49 7735 1650
E-Mail :
Data Format(s) : Hemmenhofen, TSAP, Tucson
Research Focus : Applied dendrochronology to archaeology
- dating and chronology development
- heteroconnection
- wood archaeology and building structures
- woodland management and human impact on woodland
- palaeodendrooecology
- organisation of wood investigations (Holzarchiv, Landesdenkmalamt)
- Dendrodatabank for archaeology and vernacular architecture (Landesdenkmalamt)
Methods used :
Measuring: Hemmenhofen system
Dating: computing and visual
Tests: coincidence, common pointer intervals, T-test with two differents transformations after Baillie/Pilcher 1973 and Hollstein 1981
: Quality control: visual and indexation of the 4 tests
: Analyse of events: pointer intervals, skeleton plots
: Image analysis (first step): standard software (Global lab image from Data translation,
Lock Drive, Marlboro Ma USA)


BILLAMBOZ, A., SCHLICHTHERLE H. 1982 Das Holz der "Pfahlbausiedlungen". Archeodendrologie im Projekt Bodensee-Ober- schwaben. Denkmalpfege in Baden-Wurttemberg. Nachrichtenblatt des Landesdenkmalamtes 11, S. 68 f.
BILLAMBOZ, A. 1985a Un laboratoire d'archeodendrologie a Hemmenhofen dans le cadre de la recherche palafittique du sud-ouest de l'Allemagne. Dendrochronologia 3, pp. 141-151.
BILLAMBOZ, A. 1985b Premieres investigations dans le champ de pieux de la station de Hornstaad-Hornle I sur les bords du lac de Constance. Berichte zu Ufer- und Moorsiedlungen Sudwestdeutschlands. Materialhefte zur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte in Baden-Wurttemberg 7, pp. 125-147.
BILLAMBOZ, A., BECKER, B. 1985 Dendrochronologische Eckdaten der neolithischen Pfahlbausiedlungen Sudwest-deutschlands. Berichte zu Ufer- und Moorsiedlungen Sudwestdeutschlands. Materialhefte zur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte in Baden-Wurttemberg 7, S. 80-97.
* BILLAMBOZ, A., HERZIG, F. 1985 Stand der Jahrringchronologien Oberschwabens und des Bodensees. In: BECKER, B., BILLAMBOZ, A., EGGER, H., GASSMANN, P., ORCEL, A. u.Chr., RUOFF, U. 1985: Dendrochronologie in der Ur- und Fruhgeschichte. Die absolute Datierung von Pfahlbausiedlungen nordlich der Alpen im Jahrringkalender Mitteleuropas. Antiqua 11, S. 30-35.
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BILLAMBOZ, A., PLANCK, D., SCHLICHTHERLE, H., STRAHM, Chr. 1987 L'occupation palafittique dans le sud-ouest de l'Allemagne: le programme de recherche "Siedlungsarchnologische Untersuchungen im Alpenvorland". Les Nouvelles de l'Archeologie 27, pp. 56-63.
* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1989a Jahresringe im Bauholz. Forschungswege der Archeodendrologie.
In: Planck. Archeologie in Wurttemberg. Theiß Verlag, Stuttgart, S. 515-529.
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* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1990a Das Holz der Pfahlbausiedlungen Sudwestdeutschlands. Jahrringanalyse aus aus archeodendrologischer Sicht. Ber. der Romisch-Germanischen Kommission, Band 71.
BILLAMBOZ, A. 1990b Dendrochronologische Daten jungsteinzeitlicher Pfahlbausiedlungen am Gnadensee (Bodensee). In: Siedlungsarchnologie im Alpenvorland II. Forschungen und Berichte zur Vor-und Fruhgeschichte in Baden-Wurttemberg 37, S. 65-69.
BILLAMBOZ, A. 1991 Etude dendrochronologique et approche historique d'un village du Jura comtois (F.25330. Chantrans). Dendrochronologia 8, pp. 99-117.
* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1992a Tree-ring analysis in archaeodendrological perspective. The structural timber from the south west german lake dwellings. Proceedings of the Congress "Tree-ring and environment" held in Lund at 9-10 sept. 1990. Lundqua Report 34, pp. 34-40.
* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1992b Bausteine einer lokalen Jahrringchronologie des Federseegebietes. Fundberichte in Baden-Wurttemberg, Band 17.
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BILLAMBOZ, A., TORKE, W. 1992 La station Forschner dans le bassin du Federsee (Haute-Souabe): un habitat palustre fortifié dans les premieres phases de l'Age du Bronze. In: Actes du Colloque de Lons-le-Saulnier, 16-19 mai 1990, pp. 377-382.
DIECKMANN, B., BILLAMBOZ, A. 1992 Siedlungsfolge im Jahrringkalender. Die jungneolithischen Dorfer von Hornstaad-Hörnle, Kreis Konstanz. Archaologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Wurttemberg 1991, S.72-76
* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1993 Erste dendrochronologische Zeitmarken fur die jungneolithische Talsiedlung Ehrenstein, Alb-Donau-Kreis. Archnologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Wurttemberg 1992, S. 84-87
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BILLAMBOZ, A., TEGEL, W. 1994 Erste dendrochronologische Untersuchungen zur Bergbaugeschichte des Mittleren Schwarzwalds. In: Die Erz- und Minearlgange im alten Bergbaurevier "Freiamt-Sexau" (Mittlerer schwarzwald). Abhandlungen des geologischen Landesamts Baden-Wurttemberg, Bd 14, S.281-294.
* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1995a Proxyséries dendrochronologiques et occupation neolithique des bords du lac de Constance. Palynosciences, 3 (1995):69-81
* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1995b Die Bauholzer der jungneolithischen Moorsiedlung Ödenahlen am nordlichen Federsee. Holzanatomische und jahrringanalytische Untersuchungen. In: Siedlungsarchnologie im Alpenvorland III. Die neolithische Moorsiedlung Oedenahlen. Forschungen zur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte in Bad.-Wurtt., Band 46, S.347-370.
BILLAMBOZ, A., SCHLICHTHERLE, H. 1995 Eine Bohlenkonstruktion im westlichen Federseemoor: Teil einer Straßenverbindung zur Insel "Buchau"? (Stadt Bad Buchau, Kreis Biberach). Archeologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Wurttemberg 1994, S. 76-80.
BILLAMBOZ, A., TEGEL, W. 1995 Die dendrochronologische Datierung des spatromischen Kriegshafens von Bregenz. Jahrbuch des Vorarlberger Landesmuseumsverein - Freunde der Landeskunde, S.23-30
* BILLAMBOZ, A. 1996 Tree-rings and pile-dwellings in southwestern Germany. Following in the footsteps of Bruno Huber. In: Tree Rings, Environment and Humanity, Proceedings of the International Tree-Ring Conference held in Tucson, mai 1994.
* BILLAMBOZ, A. KONINGER, J. 1996 Hallstattzeitliche Fundstellen im sudlichen Federseemoor (Kreis Biberach). Archeologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Wurttemberg 1995.
* BILLAMBOZ, A., MARTINELLI, N. 1996 La recherche dendrochronologique en Europe pour l'Age du Bronze ancien. In: Actes du 117eme Congres des Sociétés Savantes, Clermont-Ferrand, 26-30 oct. 1992. CTHS. Paris.
BILLAMBOZ, A., SCHÖBEL, G. 1996 Dendrochronologische Untersuchungen in den spatbronzezeitlichen Pfahlbau-siedlungen am nordlichen Ufer des Bodensees. Erscheint in: Siedlungsarchnologie im Alpenvorland IV.

54.54.00 23.54.00; 
Lab/personal name: Group of Dendroclimatology and Radiometrics
Lab/personal address:
Vytautas Magnus University, 
Faculty of Nature Sciences, 
Environmental Research Centre, 
Group of Dendroclimatology and Radiometrics, 
Ž.E. Žilibero 6,
LT-46324 Kaunas, Lithuania 

Names of co-workers A. Daukantas, J. Karpavičius, E. Podžarova, R. Pukienė, E. Šimkūnienė, A. Vitas
Phone: 370-37-390955 (work)

Data Format(s) ITRDB
Research focus:

Methods used: 



Radiocarbon dating: 


Karpavičius J. 2004. The possibilities for the forecast of tree radial growth and agricultural crop productivity. Ekologija (Vilnius). 1: 12-15.
Pukienė R. 2003. Sub-fossil oak timbers from the Mid Holocene as an evidence for Lithuanian forest history. Baltic Forestry, 9 (2): 71-75.
Pukienė R. 2003. Historical wood collection at the Dendrochronology laboratory, Vytautas Magnus university. Cosmogenic climate forcing factors during the last millenium: Proceedings of the International Conference [Kaunas, 2003]. Kaunas. P. 76-82.
Vitas A. Tree rings of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karsten) in Lithuania as drought indicators: dendroecological approach. Polish journal of ecology, 2: 201-210.
Vitas A. Dendroclimatological research of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the Baltic coastal zone of Lithuania. Baltic forestry, 10: 65-71.

52.57.00 -1.10.00; GB-NU [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code GB-NU
Lab/personal name Nottingham University Tree-Ring Dating Laboratory
Lab/personal address Department of Mathematics/Department of Archaeology
University of Nottingham
Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK
Names of co-workers Bob Laxton, Cliff Litton, Robert Howard
Phone +44 115 951 4837
Data Format(s)
Research focus
Methods used Dating: Litton/Zainodin grouping method


Laxton, R R, and Litton, C D
, 1988 An East Midlands master tree-ring chronology and its use for dating vernacular buildings, University of Nottingham, Dept of Classical and Archaeological Studies, Monograph Series III
Laxton, R R, and Litton, C D, 1989 Construction of a Kent master dendrochronological for oak, AD1158-1540, Medieval Archaeology 33, 90-98
Litton, C D, and Zainodin, H J, 1987 Grouping methods for dendrochronology, Science and Archaeology, 29, 14-24
Litton, C D, and Zainodin, H J, 1991 Statistical models of dendrochronology, Journal of Archaeological Science, 18, 429-40 See also journal "Vernacular Architecture" for lists of tree-ring dates for historic buildings

55.40.00 12.35.00; DK-NM [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code DK-NM
Lab/personal name
Lab/personal address Nationalmuseet
Frederiksholms Kanal 12
DK-1220 copenhagen K
Names of co-workers Niels Bonde, Kjeld Christensen
Phone +45 33 13 44 11
Fax +45 33 47 33 12
Data Format(s)
Research focus
Methods used


52.05.00 8.25.00; D-LVWW [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code D-LVWW
Lab/personal name Ludger Verlage
Joellenbecker Strasse 27a
D-33824 Werther (Westfalen)
Names of co-workers
Phone 49 5203 884954
Fax 49 5203 884713
Data Format(s) Catras, Tucson
Research focus Archaeological and historical research
1. dating
2. chronology developement

Methodes Measuring: Catras
Dating: visual, Catras, *
Quality control: visual, *
Chronology development: *
* several programs by D-LVWW

49.01.00 12.07.00; D-RTRL [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code D-RTRL
Lab/personal name Regensburg Tree-Ring Lab
Lab/personal address Present Address:
Geography Department
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
Names of co-workers Rob Wilson
Phone 001 519 679 2111
Fax N/A
Data Format(s) Decadel and ITRDB
Research focus
1. Contract work for other labs
2. Historical research:
- sample collection from 'Old Town Regensburg'
- dating and chronology development
- studies of wood origin (is wood imported from outside Bavaria)
- is climate reconstruction possible from resulting chronologies
Methods used Measuring: MEDIR (ITRDB Program Library) (1/1000mm)
Dating: visual, ITRVIEW and COFECHA (ITRDB Program Library)
Quality control: COFECHA, visual
Chronology development: ARSTAN, CHRONOL (ITRDB)

53.33.00 10.00.00; D-HH [Laboratory]
Lab./personal code D-HH
Lab./personal name University of Hamburg, Institute for Wood Biology
Lab./personal address Leuschnerstrasse 91, D-21031 Hamburg
Name of co-workers
(* former co-workers) Dieter Eckstein (DE), Sigrid Wrobel (SW), Josef Bauch (JB), Peter Klein (PK), Klaus Richter* (KR), Ulrich Greve* (UG), Ute Sass (US) *, Constantin Sander (CS), Hans L. Schubert* (HS), Franz Schwab* (FS), Klaus Busse* (KB), Jutta Vogel* (JV)
Phone +49-40-739 62 400
Fax +49-40-7252 2835
Data Formats CATRAS, Heidelberg, Tucson
Research focus Historical and environmental dendrochronology
1. Dating of archaeological, architectural and art-historical objects
2. Medieval forest management
3. Chronology development in eastern European countries
4. Climatological and ecological studies
5. Cambium dynamics
6. Growth periodicity in tropical trees
Methods used Tree-ring measurements: CATRAS, TSAP
Dating: visual and using statistical procedures of CATRAS and TSAP for confirmation.
Dendroclimatology, Dendroecology: Dendrochronology Program Library, PRECON.


(N.B.: Most chronologies are not published. The following list represents a limited amount of titles only. A complete list of publications is available on request. )

ECKSTEIN, D., 1976.: Die absolute Datierung der wikingerzeitlichen Siedlung Haithabu/Schleswig mit Hilfe der Dendrochronologie. (The Absolute Dating of the Viking Haithabu/Schleswig Settlement with the Aid of Dendrochronology). Naturw. Rundschau 29, 81-84.
ECKSTEIN, D., BRONGERS, J.A., BAUCH, J., 1975: Tree-ring research in the Netherlands. Tree-Ring Bull. 35, 1-13.
ECKSTEIN, D., MATHIEU, K., BAUCH, J., 1972: Jahrringanalyse und Baugeschichtsforschung - Aufbau einer Jahrringchronologie fur die Vier- und Marschlande bei Hamburg. (Tree-Ring Analysis and Architectural History Research - Establishment of a Dendrochronology for the Vier- und Marschlande near Hamburg). Abh. Verh. naturw. Ver. Hamburg 16, 73-100.
ECKSTEIN, D., NEUGEBAUER, M., BRAUNER, H., 1982: Die Baugeschichte der Holzkonstruktionen im Heiligen-Geist-Hospital zu LRbeck. (The Architectural History of the Wooden Constructions of the Heiligen-Geist-Hospital in Lubeck). Lubecker Schr. z. Arch. u. Kulturgeschichte 6 (Abb. 1, 24-46, Taf. 16)., 123-162.
ECKSTEIN, D., SASS, U., 1989: Dendroecological assessment of decline and recovery of fir and spruce in the Bavarian Forest. Proc. IUFRO-Meeting on Air Pollution and Forest Decline, 2-8 October 1988, Interlaken, Switzerland. Birmensdorf, 255-260.
ECKSTEIN, D., SCHUBERT, H.L., KLEIN, P., 1987: Aufbau einer Kiefernchronologie fur Nord-deutschland. (Construction of a Tree-Ring Chronology of Pine for North Germany). Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff 45, 344.

47.44.00 8.52.00; D-TEGL [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code : D-TEGL
Lab/personal name : Labor fRr Holzanalyse
Lab/personal address : Willy Tegel
Bohlinger Dorfstr.59
D-78224 Singen-Bohlingen
Phone : +49 7731 53239
Fax : +49 7735 1650
E-Mail :
Data Format(s) : Hemmenhofen, TSAP, Tucson
Research Focus : Archaeodendrology
- dating and chronology development
- wood archaeology
- wood anatomy
- anthracology

Methods used
: Measuring: Hemmenhofen system
: Dating: computing and visual
: Tests: coincidence, common pointer intervals, T-test with two differents transformations after Baillie/Pilcher 1973 and Hollstein 1981
: Quality control: visual and indexation of the 4 tests
: Analyse of events: pointer intervals, skeleton plots


1994 Erste dendrochronologische Untersuchungen zur Bergbaugeschichte des Mittleren Schwarzwalds. In: Die Erz- und Minearlgonge im alten Bergbaurevier "Freiamt-Sexau" (Mittlerer schwarzwald). Abhandlungen des geologischen Landesamts Baden-Wurttemberg, Bd 14, S.281-294.
BILLAMBOZ, A., TEGEL, W. 1995 Die dendrochronologische Datierung des spatromischen Kriegshafens von Bregenz. Jahrbuch des Vorarlberger Landesmuseumsverein - Freunde der Landeskunde, S.23-30
HACKELBERG, D., TEGEL, W. 1997 Neuentdeckte Fragmente eines hochmittelalterlichen Schiffes aus Uberlingen, Bodenseekreis. Archeologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Wurttemberg 1996. S.260-264

52.12.00 0.07.00; GB-CU [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code GB-CU
Lab/personal name Godwin Laboratory
Lab/personal address Free School Lane
Cambridge CB2 3RS
Names of co-workers VR Switsur, NJ Loader, DL Hemming (others as listed)
Phone +44 1223 334881
Fax +44 1223 334871
Data Format(s) Baillie-Pilcher; Heidelberg
Research focus
1. Stable Isoltope dendroclimatology
2. Timber library
3. Dendrochronology
4. Non-oak species
Methods used Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope measurement and analysis
Ring-width measurements and analysis


D Hemming
1994 A dendroclimatological study of Dartmoor, unpubl MSc thesis, Birmingham University

46.22.00 9.59.00; IT-DD [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code IT-DD
Lab/personal name Dendrodata SAS
Lab/personal address Via Augusto Verita' 6
I-37121 Verona
Names of co-workers Olivia Pignatelli (OP), Orazio Tinazzi (OT), N Martinelli (NM)
Phone 39 45 8013533
Fax 39 45 8013532
Data Format(s) Catras, Heidelberg, Tucson
Research focus Archaeological and historical research:
- dating
- chronology development
- studies of origin of timber
Other research:
- relationship between climate and tree-growth (living trees)
Methods used Measuring: LIN-TAB
Dating: Catras, TSAP, visual
Quality control: Cofecha, visual
Detrending programs: ARSTAN, CHRONOL (ITRDB progam library)
Response function analysis: PPPhalos (Univ Marseilles)


MARTINELLI, N 1991 Indagni dendrocronologiche, in Cadrezzate(VA). Lago di Monate, alla Palafitta del "Sabbione" sul Lago di Monate (Cadrezzate-Varese), Notizario della Soprintendenza Archeologica della Lombardia, 1991: 139-41
MARTINELLI, N 1994 L'ete del legno, Archeolgia viva, XIII, n.46 n.s. Luglio-agosto 1994: 82-6
MARTINELLI, N 1995 Indagni dendrocronologiche, XIV, n.52 n.s. Luglio-agosto 1995: 13
FOZZATI, L, MARTINELLI, N, EVANS, S, 1995 Le strutture palafitticole dei siti somersi del lago di viverone, in Preatti della XXXII Riunione Scientifica dell'Istituto italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria, pp46-9
MARTINELLI, N, 1996a Dendrocronologia e archeologia: le ricerche nel Venteto, in "Dalla terra al Museo", catalogo della Mostra, Legnago, 185-90
MARTINELLI, N, 1996b Le palafitte: tecnologie costruttive e metodi di datazione, in Restauro Architettonico. L Marino: Firenze, 612-64
MARTINELLI, N, 1997 Indagine dendrocronologica, in AA.VV Indagine interdisciplinare nell'insediamento neolitico di Roncade (Treviso) - Localite Biancade, a cura di E Bianchin, Citton, in Quaderni di Archeologia del Veneto, XII, 1996: 116
MARTINELLI, N, in press Le analisi dendrocronologiche, in AA.VV, Siti umidi tardoneolitici: nuovi dati da Palu di Livenza (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia), Atti UISPP 1996
MARTINELLI, N, in press Indagini dendrocronolologiche sulle palizzate dell'insediamento palafitticole del "Sabbione" sul Lago di Monate (Cadrezzate-Varese), rivista della scuola di specializzazione
MARTINELLI, N, in press L'archeodendrologia: la dendrocronologia come metodo per lo studio e l'interpretazione delle strutture abitative, in "Atti del Seminario sull'Archeologia degli spazi" Como, in press
PINATELLI, O & ROTTOLI, M, 1996 Analisi archeobotaniche, in AA.VV Indagine interdisciplinare nell' insediamento neolitico di Roncade (Treviso) - Localite Biancade, a cura di E Bianchin, Citton, in Quaderni di Archeologia del Veneto, XII, 1996: 114-6

52.09.00 5.23.00; NL-RING [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code: NL-RING
Lab/personal name: Stichting Nederlands Centrum voor Dendrochronologie (RING)
Lab/personal address: Rijksdienst voor Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek (ROB)
Kerkstraat 1
NL-3811 CV Amersfoort
The Netherlands
Names of co-workers: Esther Jansma; Elsemieke Hanraets; Ute Sass-Klaassen, Tamara Vernimmen
Phone: 31 33 4227513/514
Fax: 31 33 422 77 99
Data Format(s): Catras, Heidelberg, Tucson, ITRDB, V-format
Research focus: Archaeological, historical, climatological and ecological research:
1. dating (archaeological, historical, art-historical context)
2. chronology development
3. reconstruction of past management strategies
4. studies of origin of timber (trade)
5. investigations of non-oak species (ash)
6. bog-oak research
7. historical ecology, reconstruction of landscapes

Other research:
1. Relationship climate-tree growth (living trees)
Methods used: Measuring: CATRAS; TSAP, Aniol, LINTAB (1/100 mm)
Dating: CATRAS, visual, TSAP, COFECHA (r, t, sign-test)
Quality control: COFECHA, visual
Detrending programs: ARSTAN, CRONOL (ITRDB program library & DPL (R. Holmes, Lab. of Tree-Ring Research, Tucson (US))
Detrending methods: splines, often focused on removal of low frequency components (dating!)
Chronology development: ARSTAN, CRONOL (ITRDB)
Assessment of chronology signals: Expressed Population Signal (EPS; programs by NL-RING)
Response Function Analysis: PRECON (H. Fritts, Lab. of Tree-Ring Research, Tucson (US))
Analysis of events: FHX2 (H. D. Grissino-Mayer, Lab. of Tree-Ring Research, Tucson (US)), pointer years and pointer intervals (programs by NL-Ring)


Jansma, E.
, 1995. RemembeRINGs. The development and application of local and regional tree-ring chronologies for the purposes of archaeological and historical research in the Netherlands. PhD, NAR 19, ROB, 149pp
Jansma, E., 1995. An 1100-year tree-ring chronology of oak for the dutch coastal region (2258-1141BC). In JS Dean, DM Meko, TW Swetnam (eds) Tree Rings, Environment and Humanity. Radiocarbon, 769-78

48.37.00 9.20.00; D-HOFM [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code D-HOFM
Lab/personal name Jahrringlabor Hofmann
Lab/personal address Waldhnuser Str.12
72622 Nurtingen
Names of co-workers Dipl.-Agr.Biol. Jutta Hofmann
Phone 49 7022 55598
Fax 49 7022 55598
Data Format(s) Hemmenhofen
Research focus dating
Methods used Measuring: Hohenheim measurement system (1/100mm)
Dating and chronology development: Hohenheim programs (t-value, Baillie/Pilcher, t-value Hollstein, Gleichlaufigkeit, signatur-Gleichlaufigkeit, visual)
Detrending methods: moving average (div. intervalls)(Kernschatzung nach Gasser und Muller)


48.47.00 9.12.00; D-HOH [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code D-HOH
Lab/personal name Jahrringlabor, Universitat Hohenheim
Lab/personal address Universitat Hohenheim
Institut fur Botanik 210
Garbenstrasse 30
70593 Stuttgart
Names of co-workers: Prof. Dr. Bernd Becker c(BECKER), Dr. Marco Spurk (SPURK), Dipl.-Agr.Biol. Michael Friedrich (FRIED), Dipl.-Agr.Biol. Jutta Hofmann, Sabine Remmele (REMM), Uli Engelhardt (ENGEL), former co-worker, Hans-JRrgen Bleyer (BLEY), free co-worker, Dr. Dr. Hans Niklas Muller (MUELLER), Luzern, Switzerland
Phone: 49 711 459 2196
Fax: 49 711 459 3355
Data Format(s) Hemmenhofen
Research focus
1. chronology development
2. quantitative paleoclimate reconstruction
3. dating
4. dendroecological investigations
5. dendrophysiological investigations
6. samples for radiocarbon calibration
Methods used Measuring: Hohenheim measurement system (1/100mm)
Dating and chronology development: Hohenheim programs, Hemmenhofen program, TSAP (t-value Baillie/Pilcher, t-value Hollstein, Gleichlaufigkeit, signatur-Gleichlaufigkeit, visual)
Detrending methods: moving average (div. intervalls)(Kernschntzung nach Gasser und Muller)


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Spurk, M. (1997) Dendroklimatologische Untersuchungen an Kiefern (Pinus sylvestris) der planar-kollinen Stufe. - Dissertation, Institut fur Botanik Universitat Hohenheim, in preparation

55.42.00 13.10.00; S-LUND [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code S-LUND
Lab/personal name Laboratory for wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology
Lab/personal address Lund University
Department of Quaternary Geology
Tornavagen 13
223 63 Lund
Names of co-workers Dr Olafur Eggertsson (head of laboratory), Mr Hans Linderson
Phone: ++46 46 2227891
Fax: ++46 46 2224830
Data Format(s) Catras, ITRDB
Research focus see lab home page
Methods used CATRAS, ITRDB programs


46.04.00 14.30.00; SL-LJ [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code SL-LJ
Lab/personal name
Lab/personal address University of Ljubljana
Biotechnical Faculty
Department of Wood Science and Technology
Rozna dolina c. VIII/34
PO Box 95
1001 Ljubljana
Names of co-workers Katarina Cufar
Phone: +386 61 123 1161
Fax: +386 61 123 5035
Data Format(s)
Research focus see home page

Methods used


47.40.00 19.03.00; HU-GRYN [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code: HU-GRYN
Lab/personal name: Hungarian Dendrochronological Laboratory
Lab/personal address: Hungarian Dendrochronological Laboratory - Cincér Bt.
H-1021 Budapest Széher ut 76/a.
Names of co-workers: Andrįs Grynaeus
Phone: ++36-30-9-64-55-37
Data Format: CATRAS, TSAP
Research focus: archaeology, historical monuments
Methods used -


A. Grynaeus: Dendrochronological Research in Hungary (Present status as of May 1995 and Future Development) Dendrochronologia (13) 1995 p.: 135-138
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A. Grynaeus: Dendrochronology and neolithic research in Hungary. Anteus 27 (2004) 303-305

54.35.00 -5.55.00; IRE-QUB [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code IRE-QUB
Lab/personal name Tree-Ring Laboratory
Lab/personal address Palaeoecology Centre
School of Geophysics
Queen's University
Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland
Names of co-workers Mike Baillie (MB), Dave Brown (DB), Jonathon Pilcher (JP)
Phone: +44 1232 335147, +44 1232 335143
Fax: +44 1232 32180
Data Format(s) Tree ring widths
Research focus
1. Chronology development
2. Palaeoecological reconstructions
3. Radiocarbon calibration
4. Dating
5. Narrow ring events
6. Dendroclimatology
Methods used Baillie/Pilcher t-value, visual matching


Baillie MGL
1982 Tree-ring dating and Archaeology. London: Croom Helm
Baillie MGL 1995 A slice through time. London: Batsford (Further references are given in these two books)

47.14.00 6.02.00; F-LCE [Laboratory]
labcode: F-LCE
perscode: F-LCE
long: 47-14-00 lati: 6-02-00
persname: LAVIER Catherine
address: Laboratoire de Chrono-Ecologie
Université de Franche-Comté
UFR Sciences
16 Route de Gray
25 030 Besançon -cedex
coworker: GIRARDCLOS Olivier, LOCATELLI Christine, PERRAULT Christophe, POUSSET Didier, VIELLET Amandine
tel: +33 -0-381 666 281
fax: +33 -0-381 666 568
focus: Chronologies (biogeographical zones of France); Dating (Archaeology, History, Art History); Origin of wood; Main specis (Quercus, Frax., Conifers, Ulm
methods: TSAP = Measurments and calculations system (PC)
BESANCON = MESURE system (by Lambert on MAC)
BESANCON = SYLPHE system (by Meignier on PC) mainly for data base, calculations and indexed data (many types), statistical control of the quality of the results, drawings (curves, blocks, to map the results...)
bibliography: . LAVIER C. 2000: Historique et méthode en dendrochronologie. Exemples, limites et réussites sur manuscrits. In Actes de la Journée d'Etude : Problématique des restaurations sur ais de bois a couvrure estampée; Agence Régionale de Coopération ACCOLAD, Sept. 1999; 42-52
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50.03.00 19.55.00; PL-CRA [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code PL-CRA
Lab/personal name Cracow Tree-Ring Laboratory
Lab/personal address University of Mining & Metallurgy
Dept of Stratigraphy & Regional Geography
Al. Mickiewicza 30
30-059 Cracow
Names of co-workers Marek Krapiec
Phone: +48 12 172409
Fax: +48 12 332936
Data Format(s)
Research focus
Methods used


48.52.00 2.28.00; F-TREN [Laboratory]
Lab/personal code F-TREN
Lab/personal name Laboratoire d'Expertise d'Objets d'Art Versailles
Lab/personal address 70 Boulevard Jeanne d'Arc
F-93100 Montreuil
Names of co-workers Yvonne Trenard
Data Format(s)
Research focus
Methods used


, 1992 La dendrochronologie: le compte ß rebours du bois, in Les veines du temps, Musee Rolin, Autun 1992, 41-73
TRENARD, Y, 1994 Courbe de reference du chene pour le Nord de la France. Dendrochronologia, 12, 129-34.
TRENARD, Y, 1994 Le Petit Louvre de la Pacaudiere (Loire). Datation des bois d-oeuvre par dendrochronologie. Memoires de la Soc. Eduenne.
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50.00.00 14.33.00; CZ-PRUH [Laboratory]
Laboratory code: CZ-PRUH
Personal Code: Kyncl
Longitude: 14.33
Latitude: 50.00
Persname: Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Address: Institute of Botany, A.S.C.R., Pruhonice, CZ-252 43, The Czech Republic
Co-workers: Josef Kyncl, Tomas Kyncl, Marcela Macova, Tomas Tichy
tel: +420-2-71015271
fax: +420-2-67750031
Dataformat: ITRDB
Focus: 1. dendroecology, 2. chronology development, 3. dating, 4. dendroclimatolgy, Picea abies, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus strobus, Abies alba
Methods: Measuring: Windendro, ring-width measuring system (0.01 mm), densitometry
Quality control: visual, Cofecha
Chronology development: Arstan
Bibliography: Kyncl, J., Kyncl, T., 1996: Dating of historical fir (Abies alba) wood in Bohemia and Moravia. Dendrochronologia 14: 237-240

45.50.00 16.00.00; HR-OIK [Laboratory]
Perscode: HR-OIK
Persname: OIKON Ltd.
address: Vlade Prekrata 20
10000 Zagreb
coworker: Dalibor Hatic; Josip Krizan; Dr. sci. Oleg Antonic
tel: +385 1 6552 350
fax: +385 1 6552 385
dataformat: WinDENDRO; internal formats
focus: dendro-ecology; dendro-climatology; stand dynamics; chronology development; subfossil oak research;
methods: ring width; ring angle;
software: WinDENDRO; Statistica;
dating: visual;
quality control: visual; graph analysis;
Antonich, O., Marki, A. and Hatich, D., (in press): Modelling of the climatic variables as a part of the dendroecological study in the forest Repaš, Prekodravlje, Croatia. Cro. Met. J.
Antonich, O., Hatich, D., and Krizhan, J., (in press): Modelling groundwater regime acceptable for the forest survival after the building of the hydro-electric power plant, Ecol. Modelling
Hatich, D., Antonich, O., Španjol, Z. and Krizhan, J. (in press): GROWTH OF THE OLD OAK TREES IN CROATIA: THE PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF THE TGECC PROGRAMME, In: IUFRO ‘OAK 2000’ conference proceedings
Antonich, O, Hatich, D., Krizan, J., Bukovec, D. and Borovich, D. (in press): Forest survival as a prerequisite for hydro-electric power plant design. In: Pollution and Water resources. Columbia University.